Service maintenance

Service maintenance

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Topan LLP Service department.

Topan LLP has its own service department to guarantee uninterruptable operational process and equipment operating life.

Range of services:

  • Incoming goods inspection;

  • Commissioning and start-up complex solutions;

  • Calibration, standardization and certification;

  • Technical minimum training for the Customer’s operators;

  • Execution of guarantees;

  • Diagnostic of technical conditions of equipment and further usage recommendations;

  • Modernization of equipment;

  • Installation, renewing and configuring of the software;

  • Preventive planned/unplanned servicing;

  • Servicing and maintenance;

  • Distance user support.

Qualification service-team constantly take a training at the Manufacturer of equipment that we supply to you. Taking into consideration Customer’s requirements, Topan LLP service Department specialists doing the best service support operations.

Those positive experience confirmed with the recommendation letters from our happy Customers and annual renewal of the exist contracts.

Our mission is to become preferable service-installing-commissioning-technical-maintenance and laboratory-analytical-flow-rate-control equipment expert team for all of our Customers.

We have our own valuable preferences while servicing Customers’ requirements and those preferences were collect through more than 18 years of experience:

Clients: Top maintenance standards, communication and work simplification, rational and optimal solutions;

Employees: giving comfort work conditions, encouragement and support of professional and personal development, attention to the recommended work process details;

Ethics and responsibility: developing corporative culture and professional ethics, tax responsible, quality and safety to environment;

Sensible approach for further developing according to the risks;

Financial stability.

Service maintenance Topan LLP (7).JPG Сервисный департамент ТОО Топан (1).jpg

Сервисный департамент ТОО Топан (1).jpg Сервисный департамент ТОО Топан (1).jpg

Сервисный департамент ТОО Топан (1).jpg Сервисный департамент ТОО Топан (5).jpg

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